Aquaseal® Products for Work Boots and Gloves :

Aquaseal® Waterproofing & Conditioner
Chosen number one by many boot manufacturers and outdoor enthusiasts, Aquaseal® creme has proven itself reliable to waterproof and condition all types of leather.
Liquid Aquaseal®  is a liquid version of the creme; comes with choice of two handy applicators: dauber or pump. Use in dry climates to restore that "like new" look; use in wet climates to keep your feet dry.
Designed specifically for Black Leather. and similar to our Liquid Aquaseal®, Black Leather will waterproof and condition without hampering breathe-ability. Simultaneously, Black Leather will help maintain the appearance of black leather products.
Stitch Guard is a high polymer sealant that plugs the stitch holes of footwear so water can't get in. Helps to protect and prevent the stitching thread from fraying.
Suede and Nubuck is a silicone water repellant which resists stains and adds preservative oils to keep leather strong and pliable while helping to "Keep The Look" of suede and nubuck.
All Purpose Footwear Cleaner deep-cleans and deodorizes even the dirtiest outdoor footwear. Powerful yet safe, All Purpose Cleaner restores the breathability of leather, canvas and waterproof/breathable laminates
Boot & Leather Care Kit is the ultimate all-weather waterproofing/ conditioning kit for full grain leather footwear. It contains all the components your customers will ever need for the care and feeding of rugged outdoor footwear. Attractively packaged, it is the perfect add-on sale to the purchase of a new pair of shoes or boots and a great gift for special occasions.